I’m volunteering with PRCF Indonesia to, among other things, help with the ecotourism project in Nanga Lauk. In February 2018, I spent a first week in the village to discover the project, meet the people and get the feel of the place.

My first thought there was “what do they need my help for, everything is already there!” They have a beautiful bamboo guest house, homestays, guides from the village ready to take you for a tour, a shelter in the forest to observe wildlife, boat trips to the beautiful lake, fishing trips, a machine to prepare the rattan to make basketry, a place equipped to process the honey they collect, and more!

As it turned out, what the villagers most needed was to learn English, so this will be, among other things, the reason why I go back to Nanga Lauk for a longer period.

During this first week, though, my primary goal was to get to know the people of Nanga Lauk and have them get accustomed to having a white girl in the village.

So I put my hat on and went to try and collect rubber, harvest rice, play volleyball, swim in the river… I made myself available for any possible exchange.

I left the village with my head full of images, people and ideas of things to try when I come back!

Céline Vincart – Belgium.